About The Creator of Womb Therapy Endeed, Endia !!

Endia is Owner and Operator at Womb Therapy Endeed, which offers Vaginal Steaming and other holistic services. She has a passion for assisting women in their healing journeys through nutrition, herbs, essential oils and healing crystals. Endia helps women recognize their power, heal their selves and manifest through their wombs. She is also a PROUD mother of two beautiful girls!

Endia started her holistic journey in 2009, to improve her overall health and heal herself of health issues her doctors couldn't help her with. Endia started studying herbs, nutrition, the power of cleansing , fasting and colon hydrotherapy. In 2014 Endia started doing vaginal steaming for herself monthly and noticed all the wonderful benefits and decided to take an online training course to become certified in Vaginal Steaming. December 2015 Endia started sharing her gift of vaginal steaming with other women and helping them on their journey to heal them selves. Endia is a Certified Fertility Massage Specialist and a Certified Doula.


"I can't say enough great things about my experience with Endia. I've never felt more comfortable and open speaking with someone about the essence of me. I never felt judged or ashamed speaking with her. My sessions are very emotionally, mentally and spiritually therapeutic. I've noticed a lighter cycle after going as well as just my general mood being more positive. And let's not forget about the juiciness that ensues is a definite bonus!! Every time I leave her a feel like I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!!!! When I leave I feel like I can conquer the world with the power of my WOMB!!!! Endia you are God sent and I appreciate you and your gifts" -Bevin Campbell-Holland